Ben Morris Illustration

Edinburgh-based illustrator.

'Doctor Who: Who-ology' and 'Wit, Wisdom and Timey Wimey Stuff' published by BBC Books, and 'Behind the Sofa', the expanded edition by Orion Books, are available now.

'Doctor Who: Time Trips (The Collection)', BBC Books, is out in hardback in March 2015.

"[Behind the Sofa is] a great showcase for Ben Morris' fine illustrative talents." - The DWM Review, January 2013.

“Ben Morris’s illustrations (including some creative spins on pie charts) are gorgeous." - SFX Magazine Summer 2013

"47 lovely B&W illustrations by Ben Morris break things up." - SFX Magazine [review of 'Wit and Wisdom'] July 2014


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First/ Second Doctor regeneration. Who-ology, BBC Books.


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